Stop looking for tech.
Start looking for solutions.

Our Service is Not Technology.

There are lots of companies selling technology, but we’ve found that our clients need more than just “business technology solutions”… they are looking for complete solutions to real business challenges. “How can we go paperless and remain HIPPA compliant?” “How can we keep all of our OTR trucks in sync and on schedule?”

These are the questions our clients are asking, and Lifeline’s answers come in the form of solutions… not a help desk ticket.

Every IT Department's Best Friend

We live for collaboration, constantly maintaining your office’s workflow and creating custom solutions to stay ahead of the needs that inevitably arise. For larger companies we also enjoy working with the internal IT Department to support your existing technical operations and provide additional resources.

Process is our Secret Weapon

In 16 years we’ve had time to develop a scalable and agile process that gives purpose to all of the technology your company relies on. In our first meeting, our goal is not to learn about your technology. We first work to understand your goals, and then customize our process to make those goals a reality.

Let's Get Started

Contact us today for a consultation and start seeing the results that our clients enjoy on a daily basis. We’ll talk about your business objectives and identify the processes that can help you achieve new growth and more downtime.

Understanding the Differences

Strategic Technology Plan & Budget

Strategic Technology Plan & Budget

As far as business functions are concerned, technology may be the most universally misunderstood and disconnected from a company’s growth strategy. Expenses are unpredictable, and hard-t0-measure performance indicators leave ROI feeling shady, at best.

Our process is to bring clear, reliable insight into all things tech strategy – from helping you build a realistic budget to monitoring and reporting system efficiency.

We're Always By Your Side

We're Always By Your Side

“Lifeline doesn’t understand our business or our needs.”

-Nobody, Ever.

Our strategy and technology specialists are always monitoring your business and systems, working to understand new developments, forecasting upcoming needs, and keeping your business running seamlessly. That means more downtime for you, doing the things you want to do.

Consistency & Quality in Operations

Consistency & Quality in Operations

Agility and great customer service rely on consistent, effective and measurable routines that can scale with your business — and having backup plans in place for times of unexpected system failure. But these building blocks aren’t just useful for maintaining, they are powerful tools for driving steady, uncomplicated growth.

When Lifeline manages your network, this is our ongoing priority.

The Complete Solution Provider (CSP)

The Complete Solution Provider (CSP)

Our consultants work constantly with your team from an “internal” perspective of your business, while simultaneously bringing your technology under one master strategy and managing all of the working pieces.

This unique approach to business technology reflects a much-needed evolution from the “Managed Service Provider” (MSP) concept. Whereas an MSP is removed from your business process and addresses problems as they arise, a CSP is involved in your business’ process and resolving issues before they ever see the help desk.

We Use Technical Solutions to Deliver Completely Different Results.

Lifeline is a business solutions company that leverages technology to help customer-facing brands achieve new levels of greatness. The difference is not in the tools we use; it's in our process, and the results we deliver.

Network Architecture

We invest the time to understand your business process and growth goals, then architect the most efficient, stable network possible to serve that purpose.

Productivity Optimization Tools

From actively managing your network, to monitoring employee workstation performance, we bring a full suite of productivity tools to your company.

Security & Compliance Support

Many industries have laws governing the protection of customer data. We’re always working to ensure compliance with the latest standards.

IT Budget Planning

We work with our clients to set an IT budget based on your immediate needs and future growth goals – and we work to ensure you stay in budget!

Vendor Management

Between software providers, computer dealers and service providers, it pays to have a specialist managing your vendors. We manage that.

Customer Data Protection

We prefer not to wait until a business needs rescuing before we get serious about protecting your customer data. You shouldn’t either.

Creative Software Solutions

While we’re getting to know your company’s goals and process, we also work to help you identify the best tools to reach those goals.

Operations Strategy Management

If excellent customer service and growth are on your company’s list of goals, you’ll need the operational strategy to get there. We can help.

Disaster Recovery

We get it: disasters happen. The most affordable way to cope with a disaster, is to be prepared for one at all times. With Lifeline, you always will be.

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