Stop looking for tech.
Start looking for solutions.

Our Mission is Your Greatness.

There are four scientifically proven differences between a good company and a great one. At Lifeline we invest a tremendous amount of energy and resources to ensure that our clients are becoming the greatest companies they can be.

We’re Your Backup.

As a business owner or manager, your focus should always be on improving consistency, efficiency, and quality to better serve your customers. But realistically, you can’t focus on these things undistracted without a partner backing you up, maintaining the processes that you put in place and always looking for ways to make them better. That’s what we do.

Enjoy More Downtime

More uptime in the office means more downtime outside the office.

Scale Your Business

Enjoy the agility of a small business with the security of a global corporation.

Maximize Profitability

We partner with you to identify obstacles to profitability before they arise.

A Complete Solution Provider

We apply creative solutions, best practices, and technical processes to every part of your business to help enrich customer service and increase profitability. Lifeline is the only Complete Solutions Provider (CSP) in Southern Oregon, offering solutions that drive results.

What We Do

Results-Driven Network Management
Technology Consulting
Business Strategy
Driving Business Growth

Our Goals Are Aligned

Your business revolves around your customers, and your work should, too. Our top priority is ensuring that you never have to spend time thinking about technology.

A staff focused on customer service does not have time to navigate inefficient processes or deal with technical errors. We take the frustration out of your employees’ lives by actively maintaining the tools they depend on, eliminating interruptions from their workflow.

We’re not talking about data storage and disaster recovery here (though of course, we do that too). When we talk about backing you up, we’re talking about supporting you in making your vision for your business a reality.

What Our Clients Say

Work Process

The first conversation you ever have with a strategic business partner should not be about technology. It should be about your business, vision, workflow, and the opportunities that exist to help you grow.


Let's learn about each other.

The First Date

Like any good first date, there will be questions. We want to learn about your vision, needs, and workflow. You’ll definitely want to learn about our bold philosophy on the relationship between business and technology.

And like any good first date, you’ll come away excited to meet again.


We focus on outcome, and nothing more.

We Address Your Needs

It’s time to have a real discussion about Lifeline’s process, how we help companies grow and scale, and the results that we consistently deliver – regardless of the technology you’re using.

This is the part of the process where we stop simply talking about all the things we do, and we start doing them.


We've got your back at all times.

You Are Free to Grow

Organizations partner with Lifeline so that they can be understood and set free to focus on the main profit drivers of their business.

This is why we treat your team, needs, and business objectives with the same level of familiarity as we treat our own. Now you’re free to grow.


We Provide World Class Results.


We empower our clients using a proven framework to achieve competitive advantages in their industry.


What Our Clients Say

Who We Are

Micah Shanks

Micah Shanks

Micah is the Founder and CEO of Lifeline. A deep understanding of small to medium size business economics, growth challenges, and business processes is what drove him to start Lifeline.

Brandon Farey

Brandon Farey

Brandon Farey is the Chief Operating Officer at Lifeline. He has worked with the US Marine Corps as well as the United States Navy as a government contractor and Asante Health Systems. He joined Lifeline as a Systems Support Technician and was promoted to I.T. Program Manager before taking his new position.

Susan Harter

Susan Harter

Susan is masterful at attaining maximum utilization of internal and field technical resources through daily dispatch of service requests. She continually receives high praise from clients and vendors alike for her quick, friendly and knowledgeable responses.




Lifeline’s commitment to professionalism and putting our client’s first is embraced by every staff member at every level. We are committed to a way of doing business that consolidates the entire organization around a common goal of delivering a seamless, individualized customer experience.

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